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Facial Rejuvenation With Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery Napa Valley
Miguel Delgado,MD – Facelift Surgery Napa Valley

Everyone knows the old adage “look good, feel good.” While many old saying are just talk, this is one instance where medical and scientific reality makes words into reality. People that look good feel better about themselves and that feeling are projected into how these people interact with their family and their business associates.

Around the age of 50 you will start seeing noticeable signs of aging. This is a natural process that cannot be stopped but the appearance of age can be changed with facelift treatment, facelift surgery facelift rejuvenation, or other cosmetic surgery.

Naturally, you want the top facelift surgeon to do the work for you. Experience and accreditation make Dr. Delgado facelift surgeon in Napa Valley, California a world renowned expert in all facelift procedures. People have traveled from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and across the United States to benefit from Dr. Delgado’s expertise and the results that thousands of people have enjoyed from his work.

Complete Facelift Surgery-Before and After
Complete Facelift Surgery-Before and After

Facelift cosmetic surgery  or rhytidectomy is a continually advancing branch of medicine and science. The techniques used in facelift rejuvenation vary depending on your age, the condition of your health, how much fat is in your face, and the amount of sun and chemical damage the skin on your face has been exposed to.

Facelift treatment procedures can vary from a simple injection to raise the cheeks, to a short scar facelift, and a complete facelift. The most modern procedures harvest fat and stem cells from your body when you are younger. The cells are frozen and stored in a specially developed lab until you need them. The benefit of this technique is the added insurance that you will not experience any cell rejection because your body recognizes its own cells.


Dr. Delgado has been one of the most prominent cosmetic surgeons in Napa Valley, Ca in new techniques that produce the best results in facelift rejuvenation.

Your facelift treatment begins with a consultation. The changes in your appearance that you desire are coupled with the best technique to provide those changes. Your facelift procedure is scheduled. If any anesthesia is needed, a certified anesthesiologist is part of the team at Dr. Delgado’s clinic in Marin County California. Recovery may require a night in the clinic. You should recover from the facelift surgery 10 to 14 days.  Most of the bruising is gone and the swelling is much reduced.

 Miguel Delgado, MD cosmetic and plastic surgeon will be the first to tell you not to expect miracles. You will not look like someone else. You will not look like you did when you were twenty. You can realistically expect to look ten years younger than you do now. If you begin a regimen of facelift rejuvenation earlier in life you will see more lasting results. No facelift procedure can halt the effects of aging.

Looking good is just a part of feeling good. Personal interest in each patient and their feelings has made Dr. Delgado a world leader in facelift rejuvenation.

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